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MISSION #3 - The Spine[edit]

They Might Be Giants are back with The Spine.[edit]

This Tuesday, They Might Be Giants release The Spine, and they're counting on TEAM TMBG to help bring it to the world.

The next several missions all have to do with the new album. First up is a Spine Special Project for our hardest working team members. If you've got some extra time and effort to dedicate to TMBG, read on. If you still want to help but aren't sure how much time you've got, that's okay too. Just skip ahead to the next section of the email.


We've designed some excellent promotional materials, including 3-song samplers, TMBG stickers, posters, and flyers for you to distribute all over the country. These things cost a lot to make, so make sure you'll be able to get them out there before you sign on.


Participants should be willing to go to stores, restaurants and public places to distribute our stuff. Examples include record stores, concert venues, coffee shops, restaurants, skate shops, laundromats, campuses, bars (if of age), clothing stores, libraries and anywhere else that will let you hang a poster in the window or pass out materials to promote The Spine. You must also be able to email me a report every week telling me where you went, and what feedback you received so I can let The Johns know where their faces are popping up nationwide.

  • We'll be choosing members on a first come/first serve basis in or near the following cities:
    • New York City
    • Los Angeles
    • Chicago
    • San Francisco
    • Boston
    • Philadelphia
    • Atlanta
    • Seattle
    • Portland
    • D.C
    • Minneapolis
    • Dallas
    • Houston
    • Kansas City, MO/Lawrence, KS
    • Nashville
    • Phoenix
    • Pittsburgh
    • Detroit
    • Indianapolis
    • Denver
    • Salt Lake City
    • Cleveland
    • Columbus, OH
    • New Orleans
    • St. Louis

If you'd like to participate in the Spine Special Project, please send an email to me at Put your city in the subject line and I'll let you know if you've been chosen. If you're not picked, or if your city isn't listed, don't worry. There will be plenty of special projects in the future for all to be involved!

MISSION #3, PART #2:[edit]

The world needs peace and prosperity, but above all the world needs to know that TMBG have a new album. We've got a flyer for you to download in the tools section of the website, and more to come this week. Go to

Make as many copies as possible, and hand them out or post them at all the places I listed above. You can put them on car windshields, or in the mailboxes of your apartment complex, you can leave some in the student union, library or copy center at your university, or hang them in the break room at your office. Take them to internet cafes, tape them to lampposts and hand them to people on the train. There are lots of possibilities, so be creative!

Get started and have fun! We'll have more materials, more flyers, and more missions in the days ahead!

Keep up the good work,