TMBG's Upcoming 20th Album

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TMBG's Upcoming 20th Album
Studio album by They Might Be Giants
First released Tracks Last album Phone Power
Label Idlewild Recordings Length

TMBG's Upcoming 20th Album is a rock album by They Might Be Giants. The band began recording on April 3, 2017[1], using the same studio space that they did for Flood.

Confirmed tracks[edit | edit source]

So far, TMBG have revealed the names of the following tracks, which are slated for inclusion on the album:

  • Mrs. Bluebeard[2]
  • An Insult to the Fact Checkers
  • All Time What
  • When the Lights Go On
  • After All the Spelling Mistakes
  • This Microphone[3]
  • I Left My Body[4]
  • Chip the CHiP[5]
  • Moonbeam Ray[6]
  • Only Going to Go One Way[7]