TMBG Shows At Central Park

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1982-08-??Central Park
(Sandinista Rally)
New York, NYAttendance (0) 0 wikians attended:
No wikians attended this show.
1993-07-31Central ParkNew York, NYAttendance (9) 9 wikians attended: Dave1dmarx Davidcl FatahRuark Kerimaus Pugley Rosefox Scott bernstein Wompedy Zephir
1998-08-18Central Park (Mono Puff show)New York, NYAttendance (0) 0 wikians attended:
No wikians attended this show.
1999-06-20Central ParkNew York, NYAttendance (7) 7 wikians attended: Bryce Corey JJRRutgers MikeHollywood Oddjob Skullivan Slightlyoffaxis
2002-08-15Central Park
(SummerStage; Free 20th Anniversary Show)
New York, NYAttendance (37) 37 wikians attended: Brianwlevine Chaddmaythis Cheesegod Chimpoozle Corey Craighecht Derek Denim FrankEinstein GersonK Harringtonj85 Houseofmayors I am a Sax Player Jargent JJRRutgers Jokah Kevin713 Lawrencenyc Leetch2 MikeHollywood Mongoose Mrtuck Museumofidiots Richegreen Rockmarooned Sandyjoys Selfcallednowhere Sensurround29 Shaneoffools Slightlyoffaxis TDK Tenderfoot The Bear The Silver Chauffeur Twalsh06 Wompedy Zaph Zondry
2017-08-12Central Park
("Family Day" performance for SummerStage)
New York, NYAttendance (28) 28 wikians attended: Bells12 BlueCanary CapitalQ Cunea Dlew8470 Duke33 Ebow Eee Ferreteers Greatquux Jams Lukehennisch Mind flux Richegreen RLJohYouDid Rockmarooned TDK The nicest of the damned The thing Tisher Tmbotg Torgo Tvman Vvedge Waymu Wireless mike Xzolen Zondry

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