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Review by Mrsbluebeard:
During Round 2 of the Geek Bowl, They Might Be Giants performed snippets of popular songs with parody lyrics about the state capitals which their original songwriters were from. These snippets served as the questions for that round of the quiz (participants had to identify the original song title and the state capital described in the lyrics). The songs were:

  • "Hey Ya" by OutKast (sung by Flans)
  • "School's Out" by Alice Cooper (sung by Linnell)
  • "That's What I Like" by Bruno Mars (sung by Flans)
  • "Do You Realize" by The Flaming Lips
  • "Girl Crush" by Little Big Town
  • "Candy Girl" by New Edition
  • "Rebel Girl" by Bikini Kill (sung by Linnell)
  • "On the Road Again" by Willie Nelson

These songs were immediately followed by Set 1.

Set 2 took place in the first intermission, after Round 3. Set 3 in the second intermission, after Round 6. They Might Be Giants then took a brief break and returned immediately prior to the start of Round 7 for the Geek Bowl's "In Memoriam" of pop culture figures and fictional characters. Set 4 followed the conclusion of Round 8.

"Istanbul" included opening solo by Curt on trombone and trumpet. The "Spy" improvisation used the "Now the Night Has Gone" sample that Linnell used during the 2018 tour. Both of these differed from their performance at The Vic the night before.