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Was absolutely amazing! They showed up a bit later than expected, but it was damn worth it. Some show highlights: Flansburgh was teasing whether or not to play new songs, and of course they did. Something was going wrong with Linnell's accordion, so they did Turn Around with him on keyboard, which I got on video. The end of Spy had a very funny Improv segment in which Flans would point to either Linnell, Marty, or the audience. Istanbul was pretty crazy at the end, and when you thought it was over, they'd start back up again. Flans totally misled us in that they were gonna play Tubthumping, which caused a bit of booing. "Save your booing for other bands, please! We don't like to be booed." Particle Man had a song in the middle that I'm sure was a cover, but I couldn't recognize it. There was an INCREDIBLE bass solo for The Guitar, Danny was on fire! They talked about their Canada tour as well as their Puerto Rico show. The Last Wave lip sync video was shown at the beginning of the second set, which will never not be hilarious. Man, It's So Loud In Here was the rock version, always nice to see. Fingertips was also welcome, even though it was the last song. Linnell held the last note for I Walk Along Darkened Corridors for a long time, which was funny. So yeah, amazing show, one that will stay in my memories as my first TMBG show.