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This is my first adventure in wiki editing so someone please fix any formatting mistakes I may have made. This was my tenth show this year and my last of 2008 since I can't make it to the New Year's Eve shows. After all the fantastic special album shows the band has been doing lately it was actually a nice change to go back to a basic "play whatever we want" show. They started the show with just Dan on stage to do his guitar intro to Istanbul (the setlist had this listed as Dan "Gypsy Man" Miller) which was an unusual way to start off that worked quite well. The guys seemed to have a really good time on stage and the between song banter was often hysterical. The most amusing was when they were discussing their Grammy nomination before singing Seven and encouraging members of the audience to join NARAS so they could vote. They were joking about how they are up against a symphony orchestra so every member of the orchestra is going to vote against them. The songs all sounded fabulous despite the not so great acoustics in the room. They did flub up the lyrics to several of the songs (Hey Mr. DJ, Wicked Little Critta, Dinner Bell and Birdhouse), but they were having such a good time with them that everyone just laughed it off. The Wicked Little Critta mistake was actually pretty funny because Linnell left out the "way to go" line at the end, then it looked like he was debating whether or not to put it back in out of order but decided that the next line "I've got problems" pretty much explained it away. Main Squeeze seems to have finally been repaired since it was back in use with all of its pieces. Linnell seems to have found a new song to insert into Particle Man in place of I Love to Sing. I didn't recognize it so I can't say what it was but it didn't look like he warned his band mates that he was going to sing something different. Danny and Flansburgh were at the keyboard ready to do their little bit but the moment never came. At the end it almost seemed like they weren't going to do a second encore but they eventually came out and did Fingertips. I managed to get a setlist after the show with some difficulty. They did not have most of their regular road crew with them so the guys breaking down the stage were collecting the setlists without handing them out. Most of the other people waiting gave up except for me and one other guy. I asked one of the roadies who was obviously a student if I could have the one taped to Linnell's keyboard and he looked and me and said "it's just a setlist" and walked away. Well, yeah, thats why I wanted it. Eventually I flagged down one of the roadies I recognized and he told me I could take the one off the keyboard myself. I hope the other guy managed to track one down since he waited so long.


The song in the middle of Particle Man was Here You Come Again by Dolly Parton.
Before Why Does The Sun Really Shine, Flans explained how they didn't write Why Does The Sun Shine and that it's not necessarily accurate; "we don't have a habit of looking back, because what we look back on is often on fire"-I love that line!