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Fan Recaps and Comments:


Many people eschewed this venue in the Hamptons due to the steep ticket price ($65 or $80 for VIP table seating). The venue has an unintuitive pricing scheme. Some shows are $15 a ticket, some are upwards of $100. Perhaps it's because the venue is a very small bar (I'd say it holds a maximum of 100 people) but it doesn't seem terribly democratic compared with most other venues TMBG plays at. Personally, for me it was one of the best shows I've ever been to, but that's more due to my personal experience than anything about the pricey ticket I bought -- I was lucky enough to run one of the follow-spots for the show.
The disco ball TMBG uses during the song Withered Hope is many times their own; they travel with one and can install it along with the lights during setup.
The part of Jackson Pollock during Phone Calls From The Dead was played by the fake horn sample on Linnell's keyboard. "Our drummer, Marty Beller, really respects your work," Flans told the painter. "You're a bit controversial with the rest of the band, but he respects it, especially your earlier work before the 'Life' magazine thing. ...No, I don't know where you can get an iPhone. ...Yes, I know. ...Yes, Verizon is a much better carrier."
Vamping during the drum lead-up to James K. Polk, Linnell told us, "This is a song about the eleventh president. ...He was a dick, I just wanna say that."
The 'intervention' version of Drink! (where the audience is instructed to shout "No! Wait!" after every "Drink!") was particularly successful here. Even during Flans's explanation some of the audience caught on so quickly they yelled, "No! Wait!" before he was expecting it. He stopped, grinned, and said, "Ahh. We've got some people with high SAT scores in the audience. Years of abuse have not worn down their brains."
Apparently another band was coming on after TMBG, so they did a short and sweet encore: just the two Johns onstage, playing Maybe I Know with just the accordion. The spotlights were left off for this bit, leaving all the light to Iggy's lovely reddish mood-lighting setup.