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Fan Recaps and Comments:


A pretty fun show, it might be my imagination but they looked pretty tired - I think this show was the last of a run of back to back shows.
Highlights: the new songs! I downloaded the Else from iTunes as soon as it was available, and I have listened to it constantly, so I was familiar with the songs. Great job on the new stuff, although I was disappointed they didn't do Cap'm! Cap'm could be a single (along with Mesopotamians).
Sound at Belly Up was very good - but opening act "Let's Go Sailing" suffered greatly from terrible sound. It was surprising to see the opening act pack up their own instruments - I guess you know you hit the big time when you have other people who pack your stuff!
All in all, a great show (they always are) - Flans said they'd be back in about 6 months. I'll be there!--Slick (from


What an awesome show! The band looked like they really enjoyed themselves. I especially enjoyed the confetti cannons fired during Dr. Worm and the fact that Flans stayed and chatted with fans on the edge of the stage after the show. Another highlight was when Linnell said "If you've got a cowlick, now is the time to deploy it!" In reference to the motion Flans was making while he was leading the crowd in clapping the intro to Particle Man. -- Hector

Captain Caustic:

Overall I thought it was one of the more memorable shows I've been to. Everyone in the crowd seemed to be relaxed. Especially the guy behind me that arrived so drunk he didn't make it to the start of the opening act.
At first, the band seemed a little on the cranky side, but that quickly changed a few songs into the set. From that point on, the band appeared to enjoy being there.
Flansburgh told a great story about their experience the night before in Vegas at the Hard Rock's "The Joint ". Seems the venue wanted to charge the band $2000 for the privilege of shooting off the confetti cannons. The claim was that the confetti would be difficult to clean up. To which Flansburgh pointed out that it would clean up along with all the spilled beer and vomit that was already on the floor. Iggy, the lighting guy, suggested that they may as well put 2000 single bills into the cannons and the clean up problem would take care of itself. I guess the management didn't see the humor in that idea either. So much for the Hard Rock's "Love all, Serve all" motto.
The second encore had Flan's guitar slowly breaking strings, starting with the A string oddly enough. With 3 strings remaining at the end, I guess the crowd was pretty rough on the Gibson during the Famous Polka. - Captain Caustic


My first TMBG show, after listening to Factory Showroom constantly over the last 10 years.
Before the opening band took the stage, the bar's stereo was playing the song from the Geico caveman commercial, and everybody seemed disappointed when they turned it off for the opening band to play. In hindsight, you can't blame them.
Let's Go Sailing was awful; 45 minutes of pure torture. I'm not very religious, but I believe that sitting through their horrible set was divine punishment for the all the bad things I've done in life. Their sound was really bad; you couldn't hear anything over the drums. the drummer looked like a bad Will Ferrell sketch. He looked 20 years older than the other people in the band, and was way too into it. Apparently they fired the drummer shortly after the show. The violin player looked like she came straight from junior high school.
There was a very long gap between the opening act and TMBG taking the stage.
Fingertips was confusing to me as I'd never heard it before.
Was disappointed that only played 1 song from Factory Showroom, but that seems to be par for the course, so I'm gonna have to get used to it.
Otherwise, it rocked. I'll be going to at least two of their shows when they're back in SoCal this fall.