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Review by: Tanaquil

I don't remember hearing anything between Actual Size and Particle Man, but I don't think I've heard the song before so I don't know. I also don't remember hearing whatever GTR is, but that might have been what I was conga-ing to. I know at some point, I think after Birdhouse, they said, "Everybody conga.....I'm not f***ing kidding....We're not going to start the next song till everybody congas..." or something along those lines. As far as I could see, the crowd couldn't really move, much less conga, they were pretty packed. However, we event staff - security, stage crew, etc - had room between the barrier and the stage. So we conga-ed.  :-) I also don't really remember hearing Shoe and Maybe, but I've never heard those songs so it's possible they were played. I know I didn't hear Angel being played. At the end, they said that they usually close the show with Dr. Worm, played it, and left the stage. But the crowd was chanting "Istanbul" so they came back and played that. I guess we messed up the order of their encores because they played Spy after Istanbul. However, apparently they didn't want to end with Spy because then they played Mr. Tambourine Man, which was not on the setlist at all. I didn't even know that they played that song...I really need to get more of their cds. Anyway, their whole show was awesome.

The only thing which would have made the night better was if I had gotten autographs of any of them. But as one of the other stage crew told me, lots of people get autographs, but how many people get to carry guitars and an accordion (in the case) off the stage and to the van? So it was a wonderful night.