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This was the first gig I ever went to! It was part of the big UK tour off the back of the success of Birdhouse in your Soul and the Flood album. The support act was The Ordinaires
I can remember only a few things about the show, mostly that the audience were mostly kids who were only there to hear Birdhouse. The set consisted of 5 giant US postage stamps and a metronome.
Highlights for me included John Flansburgh playing a big marching band bass drum on Whistling in the Dark, and playing two trumpets simultaneously on Lie Still, Little Bottle, which was phenomenal! Obviously, at that time the band was just the two Johns and their trusty drum machine. They also seemed to be quite taken with the name of the town, Redcar which is locally pronounced Redcur, but the Johns took to be Red Car.
It was a great show, I'm not sure all the audience got it though.