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In an interview with John Linnell in 2018[1], the author remarked, "I saw the band play when I was all of 14, in 1986 [sic] at Einstein A Go-Go here in Jax Beach, Florida. You and John were wearing those big hats and had the boombox backing tracks as your "band."" Linnell responded:

I remember that show vividly. I don't remember there being a huge crowd but I remember the show quite well. I think it was like 100 degrees in the club and this was at night. And outside it was maybe 90. So I had this very know, I'd never been that far south and the club was right on the beach. So my memory was, we did this whole show and I'm dripping with sweat. I'd actually brought along a pair of shorts, so after we finished up, I got changed and ran out into the ocean, thinking, "Oh, I'll get to cool off." Because I grew up in Maine where the ocean never got above 40 degrees even during the summer and when I jumped in that night the water was warm. It actually felt hotter than the rest of the night. I didn't get cool; I just wound up kind of salty.