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song name 7-11
artist They Might Be Giants
releases TMBG Unlimited - July, DialASong.com (2000-2006), TMBG Clock Radio (as Seven Eleven)
year 2001
run time 2:11
sung by John Flansburgh


  • "This story of 'breaking and buying' features John Turner on drums, and a kinda sleazy Korg synthesizer that seemed cheap but is beloved by Ebay people now." - John Flansburgh
  • In the "From The Crypt" section of TMBG Unlimited from the month of July.
  • Flansburgh explained the drums and bass in this song on Tumblr: "Seven Eleven was either from a record of generic drum beats recorded by a fellow named Dave Crigger or a fellow named John Turner who also just put down a beat for us to write too. The bass could be synth or electric bass, me or JL."

Song Themes

Accidents, Clothes, Criminal Activities, Mirrors And Reflections, Misanthropy, Money, Numbers, Trade Names, Windows


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