Mink Car/Release Details

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FormatRegionRelease DateLabelCat No.OwnersPurchase
Mink Car Advance Insert.jpg CD-R
June 2001 Warner/Chappell Music none 1 owners No auctions
Notes: 16-track advance promo that doesn't contain Yeh Yeh
Mink Car advance back.png CD
2001 Restless RPRO-262-2 3 owners (0 auctions)
Notes: 17-track advance promo that contains Yeh Yeh
MinkCar.png CD
September 11, 2001 Restless 73744-2 137 owners (0 auctions)
Notes: US CD release
Mink Car EU.png CD
November 19, 2001 Restless / PIAS PIASREST004CD 15 owners (0 auctions)
Notes: European CD release. Shorter tracklisting removes some tracks and adds others.
MinkCar.png CD
2001 Restless / Shock 73744-2 13 owners (0 auctions)
Notes: Australian CD release; includes Boss Of Me as a bonus track
MC FR Promo.png CD-R
January 2002 PIAS none 0 owners No auctions
Notes: French promo; only contains 13 tracks
MinkCar.png CD-R
February 2002 PIAS / Connected none 1 owners No auctions
Notes: German promo
Mink Car JP.png CD
March 15, 2002 Restless / Video Arts VACK-1247 7 owners (0 auctions)
Notes: Japanese CD release; includes four extra tracks