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                           12.30 Pawling 12.31 Philadelphia 2.21 Brisbane 2.22 Brisbane 2.23 Sydney 2.24 Sydney 2.27 Perth 3.1 Melbourne 3.2 Melbourne 3.3 Adelaide


I Am A Ring

I am a problem
You’ve got a problem
We have so much in common

I am a ring that turns your finger green
And I am a promise you really didn’t mean 
Any thing any way I’ve got lots to say
All the time all the days I’m awake

I am a map that never gets you home
And I am a panic that never leaves you alone
Not afraid not a phase I’m awake
Pull the car over now put on the brake

I am a ring that turns your finger green
I am a promise you really didn’t mean




12.30 Pawling SOLD OUT

12.31 Philadelphia LESS THAN 150 TICKETS LEFT
2.21 Brisbane GOING FAST
2.22 Brisbane SOLD OUT
2.24 Sydney
2.27 Perth
3.1 Melbourne
3.2 Melbourne SOLD OUT

3.3 Adelaide




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