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TMBG's iTUNES DIRECT LINK[edit | edit source]

They Might be Giants' Podcast 1A is now available directly through iTunes. Podcast 1A will be up for a few more days, and then... 2A!

This is the direct link to subscribe:

If you need iTunes installed, check out the information at the bottom of this message.

NEW FREE MP3 AT TMBG.COM[edit | edit source]

Free MP3 of the new song Yeah, The Deranged Millionaire available now at Recorded at KLOG during the time the Deranged Millionaire was occupying They Might Be Giants' studios, this song is a harsh reminder of the pitfalls of counting out the powerful advantages of echolocation. Reminder: username is tmbg, password is thespinesurfs (password changes next week too...).

NEW VENUE SONG POSTED TODAY[edit | edit source]


This beloved venue song gets a glamorous time-lapse makeover in the new streaming video featured at tonight. Directed by brain-genius David Ahuja (who also did all the packaging and directed the narration stuff on Venue Songs).

POWERED BY MELODY - FUELED BY FED EX[edit | edit source]


People - the gift-giving good times are moments away. This has been our biggest ecommerce year ever by far and we want to thank everyone for going direct. Out of consideration for the many who wait til the last minute to figure out their presents (including us), we have added FEDERAL EXPRESS into our mailing operations. The 3- day charge is the most affordable, and whether you are buying the exclusive Venue Songs bundle or Here Come the ABCs bundles you'll more than save that in your purchase.

Order by 12/19 for 3 day Fed Ex delivery - $14
Order by 12/20 for 2 day Fed Ex delivery- $16
Order by 12/21 for overnight Fed Ex delivery- $25

The ecommerce staff is off for the week after Christmas, so it's now or later....

HOW TO INSTALL iTUNES[edit | edit source]

PC users using the PC version of iTunes should click the above link. If you don't have iTunes, go to to download it now.

Or if your browser is set up for rss feeds, you might be able to just click here:
to just view and play the mp3 file through your browser or default rss reader.