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NEW SHOWS ADDED! TMBG in the Pacific Northwest - Portland and Seattle August 11 and 12 For full schedule and ticket info go to bottom of message.

Note from Flansburgh: "Happy howdy to everyone from TMBG on the road! Lots of long bus rides, between arguments about the Supreme Court and the entertainment value of "War of the Worlds," we've spent the last two days playing Texas Hold 'Em and more arcane poker games with the band and crew. So far Marty is proving to be the most serious player, with Danny "Gee, I've Never Played Before" Weinkauf taking away some serious pots. Wanted to make everyone aware of the new Homestar stuff. Go now while it's still on the front page, and certainly tell your Homestar-loving friends. See you out there!"

GO TO HOMESTARRUNNER.COM AND CHECK OUT TMBG PERFORMING WITH HOMESTAR! Just click on Lost Puppet Jam when it cycles thru on the main page...

NEW LIVE SHOWS AVAILABLE AT THEYMIGHTBEGIANTS.COM including an interesting alternate set at the Fox Theater in Boulder: Dead, XTC vs. Adam Ant, In The Middle, Wicked Little Critta, Destination Moon, Don't Let's Start, Turn Around and a work-in-progress cover of Hocus Pocus (made famous by the band Focus)

TMBG - DIRECT FROM...CLEVELAND? It's true! This Friday, John and John will take over the "Around Noon" show on 90.3 WCPN, Cleveland's NPR station. Not in the neighborhood? Don't worry - the show will be streaming live at WCPN.ORG beginning at 12:10 pm EST.

7/12 St. Louis, MO The Pageant tickets at

7/13 Indianapolis, IN Music Mill 8:30 PM tickets at

7/14 Detroit, MI Majestic Theater VENUE CHANGE FROM ROYAL OAK! tickets at

7/15 Cleveland, OH The Odeon 9 PM tickets at

7/16 Cleveland, OH Tower City Amphitheater - 2 FAMILY SHOWS! Noon & 3:30 PM tickets at

7/22 Louisville, KY Lebowski Fest tickets at

7/23 Philadelphia, PA Penn's Landing Free show! Info -

8/11 Portland, OR Crystal Ballroom tickets onsale soon... stay tuned for details!

8/12 Seattle, WA Seattle Music Fest at Akai Beach Info at

-To see all of Hine's TMBG artwork go to