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April 20, 2005-I think the lyric is not "The clock bends" but "The plot thins". This to me follows from the fact that the couple has run out of things to say; and it fits into TMBG's vast catalog of Oblique Cliches Or Idiom. This is how I've always heard it, since the first listen. Hate to start instigate another "Daddy'll sing bass" debate, but I didn't want to just be slipping in an edit like this. Thoughts? -Tisher

After listening to it a bunch, "Plot Thins" does sound right. But then again, I'm starting to hear "The plot thins, she's waving". I think I'll stop and give my vote towards Plot Thins.--Droffats 15:24, 2 May 2005 (EDT)

May 2, 2005 - Listening very closely to lyrics repeatedly has certainly led to that same phenomenon for me. It's like a cousin to the thing where you can write or say a word so many times it seems absurd that it has any meaning. -User:Tisher