Lyrics:Village Gate Concert Promo

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Village Gate Concert Promo
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 1987

JL: Hey Flansburgh! JF: Hey Linnell! JL: Hey, where you been? I haven't seen you in about 20 years? JF: Weren't you that guy in that band They Might Be Giants that I was in? JL: No. But, so, where have you been keeping yourself? JF: Well, mostly I've been on non-commercial radio. JL: You mean Frank O'Toole's show on WFMU? JF: Yeah! JL: Well, that's not very interesting. But, tell me John, what I think you've been thinking is more interesting. JF: You mean what's been going through my mind while I've been on Frank O'Toole's show. JL: Yeah, I suppose. JF: Well, I've been thinking mostly about this big show we're doing at the Village Gate next Saturday night, March 7th. Two shows: nine o'clock and midnight. JL: That's right. That's what you've been thinking. JF: You know, it's only $7.50 to get in to the Village Gate which is a large jazz establishment that we've never played at before. JL: Well, I'll be sure and go check us out. JF: It sounds like a lot of fun to me. JL: I hope so. JF: It had better be. JL: It'd be pretty embarassing if it wasn't. JF: I know, I think Frank would be especially mad. JL: Remember, that's the Village Gate on March 7th, Saturday night. And we're playing two shows at nine o'clock and midnight. JF: They Might Be Giants, on-- JL: Tickets available at the door. JF: Yeah, and other places. Like the box office.