Lyrics:Untitled Remix

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Untitled Remix
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2006

Friend: Yeah.

Gloria: No 976 numbers will work on the- on that. (pause) No, this ain't nothing dirty.

Friend: No, it ain't! It ain't!

Gloria: But it's annoying, right?

Friend: Oh, I think it's terrible.

Gloria: (laughter) And then he comes on, he says then "another child is born in India" and he plays that crazy music. (pause) No, it says,'s-it's in the Village Voice. It says, uh, "There May Be Giants." That's what it says, right?

Friend: Yeah.

Gloria: "There May Be Giants," and then it says, "call this machine," and the number is 387. That's the first three numbers, by the way.

Friend: Yeah, yeah.

Gloria: That's gotta be in Brooklyn, then, right?

Friend: Ehhh...