Lyrics:Live In Nashville

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Live In Nashville
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 1987

P.H. W: Hello, everyone. Thank you for joining us on this historic occasion. I'm your host, P.H. Wolverine, and tonight, a very large crowd is gathered here in your home, in anticipation of a special performance by They Might Be Giants. They Might Be Giants are going to be playing their songs live over their Dial-A-Song telephone line, direct from the Brand New Opry House in Nashville, Tennessee. I am now going to call (718) 387-6962 and connect you all with the boys, already set up on stage in Nashville.

JF: Hello? They Might Be Giants' Dial-A-Song, live from Nashville.

P.H. W: Boys, there's a very anxious crowd waiting here, wishing they could catch a glimpse at the band, but knowing in their hearts they can't. How does it feel to be among the first white men to ever set foot in Nashville to perform the first pan-global phone concert over the airwaves?

JF: Wonderful, P.H.! We're really pleased to be here. No, no, 'pleased' isn't the word. We're honored. We're very honored...No, not honored. 'Honored' isn't a word at all, um...What language am I speaking? Hello? Hello?

P.H. W: John and John, I hear you've got a song for us. What's the name of the song?

JF: The song we're really gonna play is called Number Three. And it goes like this!