Lyrics:Hodgman Promo 2

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Hodgman Promo 2
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2001

Robin Goldwasser: Seven hundred dollars.

John Hodgman: That's how much the Delia Hotel in Cold Spring demanded as a deposit to cater John Hodgman's wedding in 1999.

RG: Seven hundred dollars.

JH: That's how much it cost to reserve the main dining room, which the Delia Hotel said could hold 200 people.

RG: Fact is, the Delia would be lucky if the dining room could hold 100 people.

JH: Fact is, the Delia lied, and when John Hodgman asked for his deposit back, the Delia Hotel suddenly stopped returning his calls.

RG: Seven hundred dollars.

JH: Is that the going rate for a swindle?

RG: Seven hundred dollars.

JH: Or is that money the Delia needs to continue to house a coven of evil witches?

RG: Greedy. Lying. Doesn't return phone calls.

JH: The Delia Hotel. Is it full of witches?

John Flansburgh: Paid for by the friends of John Hodgman.