Lyrics:Gas Mask

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Gas Mask
By: Gas Mask
Year: 1997

[Mad keyboard playing and cheering]

The very first time we were in Japan, I turned on the TV in my hotel room, there was a talent show, and there was a band playing called Gas Mask. They were four or five guys, and they were all wearing gas masks.


They did a song that only had two notes. There was the first note and the second note. Fellows, let's demonstrate now.

One note, please?

[First Note]

The other note?

[Second Note]

And the song went like this, back and forth.

[Both notes, over and over again.] GAS MASK! GAS MASK! GAS MASK! GAS MASK!

I thought Japan was the place for me. I thought I had found the place where I was gonna live for the rest of my life.


I was unpacking my bags and putting them IN THE DRESSER of the hotel, thinking "$200 a night, I could last here for awhile, and then I'll find a cheaper place."


And then I continued watching the show, and then it suddenly, like, all became, just like the same as everything else, and nothing else was really quite as good after that.


[More of the keyboard portion of Gas Mask.]