Loser's Lounge

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Loser's Lounge is the name of an ongoing series of tribute shows in New York City "where local talent pays homage to the pop music greats of the past." The show was founded in 1993 by Joe McGinty and Nick Danger, joined by The Kustard Kings in 1994.

The rotating cast of performers often includes Robin Goldwasser and Julia Greenberg (writers of People Are Wrong!). John Flansburgh has also made appearances at Loser's Lounge shows (such as his performance of "Agent Double-0-Soul" with Jedediah Parish). They Might Be Giants covered the Zombies song "Butcher's Tale" for the Simply Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad About The Loser's Lounge live compilation.

Loser's Lounge regulars also formed the band for People Are Wrong!. The band for that performance consisted of Joe McGinty (musical director, keyboards), Jeremy Chatzky (musical director, bass), Clem Waldmann (drums), Kris Woolsey (guitar), and Jon Spurney (guitar).

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