Launch CD-ROM 51 Special Warped Issue

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Launch CD-ROM 51 Special Warped Issue
Compilation by Various Artists
First released Fall 2001 Tracks 4
Label Launch Media, Inc. Length

Launch was a multi-media CD magazine that was playable on audio CD players. This issue contains an interview with They Might Be Giants.

Style Feeder describes this disc as: "Fall 2001 CD-Rom magazine. Features an exclusive interview with the band and exclusive version of "Hit Or Miss". Also has features on and exclusive and/or live tracks from Mellow ("Pars Sous La Neige"), Living End ("Roll On"), features on Depeche Mode & A*Teens and much more."


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Track listing[edit]

# Title Artist Length
1 Hit Or Miss New Found Glory ?
2 Boss Of Me They Might Be Giants 2:59
3 Paris Sous la Neige Mellow ?
4 Roll On Living End ?