Larger Than Life

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song name Larger Than Life
artist They Might Be Giants
releases I Palindrome I (EP), The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) (EP) (12" release), TMBG Clock Radio (as She's Actual Size), Podcast 10A
year 1992
run time 4:17
sung by John Flansburgh, Miss Linda And Sensi


Actually both remixes started from the idea of the tempo and what sort of twisted spin I could make on a given BPM. "Larger Than Life" was a continuation of my pots-and-pans percussion on electro-roots reggae that started with "Jimmy Because." The production values were much higher on "Larger Than Life", although in retrospect and judging from the response of fans it seems like "The World's Address" was somehow more engaging. Or maybe it’s that "The World's Address", being on Bar None/Restless/whatever got more traction than just another single on Elektra.

Song Themes

Language, Mind Control, Hypnotism, Money, Non-John Vocals, Religion, Supernatural, Remixes, Shapes, Size, Songs With Samples, Talking, Not Singing, Transportation


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