Interpretations Talk:Employee Of The Month

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Mr. Tuck, I think you may still be a little confused as to what the word "interpretation" means - To explain/tell the meaning of; to present in understandable terms.

What you're doing is critiquing or reviewing, which means "to consider the merits and demerits of and judge accordingly." That's not the primary role of the Interpretations page; what you are seeking is this page, the discussion/talk page.

Those of us reading the Interpretations page are not interested in critique/review in general, nor in yours specifically. The paucity of critique on most Interpretations pages speaks to that, as does the lack of flame-warring that critique naturally engenders.

I personally don't have a problem if you offer an interpretation and pepper it with a little critique, but it wastes my time if that is all you offer.

Thank you. :)