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Could this be about the delusions of grandeur of our current commander in chief? I would say so except a extremely self aware version.

It seems very clear that this song, like the rest of the album, is about Trump. This song is about his narcissism: narcissists are partly characterized by requiring constant praise, but not really being able to feel good about themselves without external reasons for it.

Impostor Syndrome[edit]

To me, this sounds like someone experiencing Impostor Syndrome. They so strongly disbelieve they're actually great that they think the people saying they're the greatest are being sarcastic.

This is actually pretty close to what I was suspecting! To me it seems like it’s from the point of view of an artist who is struggling with their own self worth. As an artist myself, I can say from experience that we often tend to see our own work in the worst possible light. Perhaps the person in this song thinks so lowly of his own work that he thinks his own fans, who love and praise his art, are actually his critics? Saying he is the Greatest Of All Time, but thinking of them like mere internet trolls. But in fact, they are genuinely complimenting him, even though he doesn’t see it. -LonelyAssassin96