Interpretations:The Day That Love Came To Play

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This raises some interesting questions. Who is love? What are they playing? Is it literal, with love actually being a person with an unfortunate name, or is love representing the human emotion? This is unlikely, because emotions are known for their lack of game-playing skills, and thus would never want a song written about it.

If love is assumed to be human, is it a boy or girl? Love, while sounding like a girls name, could easily be a boy's. How old are they? Is love simply their nickname?

What is this person of unknown gender and age playing? Gin? Poker? Soccer? We may never know.

Why did they come? The most obvious answer is that Love is very good at this particular game and has either blown into town Western-style or arrived for a tournament. The western makes sense, as people in westerns often have songs about them. As the song is short, we can assume that Love has either lost or people cared so little (small western town?) that the song was only given this small thought. Or perhaps the person who wrote it was the person on song #35. For the tournament idea, Many people show up for tournaments, and very few have entire songs written about them, so perhaps 'Love' has won many times before. Or maybe it's a combination of the too, and he has blown into town Western-style TO arrive for a tournament.

All in all, we have been presented with the greatest mystery since 'Who's Knocking on the Wall.'

Of course, there's the obvious answer, that the person singing is horrible at tennis. But where's the fun in that? -NC