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Hahaha, I played this song backwards to see how much it was like Thunderbird, the outcome was hilarious. -Josh

What with the whirlwind reference, I thought the song was about El Nino... but now I realise that's coincidence.


Alright fellows and fellowetts, this is why the song is the way it is. The song was formed when John Linnell was toying around with the song "Thunder Bird" and found that it sounded good backwards. You see... when he played it backwareds he heard a term that sounded like "on Earth my nina". Man Im good. drworm 818

It makes absolutely No Sense. -Walrus

Follow-up by Walrus: Here's what I hear in this song:

Fear me not- She's Walking out Fear me not- She's Walking out C'mon Commander man, Nina's Commander man. I kinda blew No-Pay and Gosh, now I'm annoyed. Say, that sparrow wants my morbid arrow, Me, took my quarter, mine it is buena, buena. May I buy A Whirlwind? Not that it keeps me yawning, But my sitter's down where mourning Fear me not- She's Walking out Fear me not- She's Walking out C'mon Commander man, Nina's Commander man.

Make any sense? NO!

I always thought it was "Herbert, nothing's walking out."

No matter. The song isn't supposed to make sense. The sounds aren't even necessarily supposed to be words (except, of course, "On Earth My Nina"). This is actually "Thunderbird" backwards. "Thunderbird" itself isn't played backwards here, but this is a forwards recording of what Linnell hears when "Thunderbird" is played backwards. One backwards segment sounded, with remarkable clarity, like "On Earth My Nina," hence the title.

  • FUN FACT: The words "On earth my Nina" are actually the words "I remember now" on Thunderbird, played backwards.

The words "I remember now" reversed = "On earth my Nina". Yeah. I actually played Thunderbird backwards.

I played it backwards and it actually sounds way cool with the thunderbird music in reverse too! -Anonymous

A long time ago, I commented that this song should be my country's (America) national anthem. I have since learned the true origin of the song, and I must say, I stand by my original statement. -Blompkin

Jervais Craddock[edit]

Does anybody know Jervais Craddock. Such a fellow would likely like a song like this one.--WhatTheHeckLinnell (talk) 12:11, 15 September 2017 (EDT)