Interpretations:Moving To The Sun

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Interpretation 1[edit]

When I hear this song, I can't but help but think of an old Aggie joke about the scientists from Texas A&M university who are planning a manned mission to the sun. When people asked them how the astronauts (or helionauts, I suppose they'd be) would survive, the scientists responded, "Oh, that's easy! We're planning on going at night!" (pause for laughter)....a dumb joke, I know, but maybe They had this joke or a version thereof in mind when they wrote the song. --MasterChivo 15:19, September 28, 2005

Interpretation 2[edit]

I like to think the Citgo sign to which Flans refers is the one over Fenway Park in Boston. --Writer61 13:01, December 1, 2006

Interpretation 3[edit]

This is a fairly silly, and fairly trivial tale of a person (or people) who literally want to move to the sun, and their reasons why they want to move.

They don't specifically say how, though apparently they're going to use Citgo fuel!

They do give their reasons: The world is too cold, the world is rotating on an axis. The logical place to live if you don't like living on a place which is cold and rotates would be the sun!

The song itself sounds quite morose. Which is kind of like an antithesis to all other TMBG songs. Most of their songs have this profound, maudlin story to tell where the music is happy and cheery --Timus 09:44, November 9, 2007

Mono to the Sun[edit]

I wonder why the narrator thinks the "world's too cold"; he doesn't give any specific reason. Perhaps he's running from a crime? It starts right off with "when they lost our trail" and then the various iterations of "You can't catch me" make that seem like the case. Anyway, I think this clever little song foreshadows the sound of Mono Puff quite well. --MisterMe 08:54, 7 December 2012 (EST)