Interpretations:I Hear A New World

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I haven't thought about this extensively, but I see there isn't an interpretations page for this song yet and I'd like to throw something out there.

I think this song is, on the surface, about someone who has been disgnosed with a terminal illness and is aware that their time is limited. "How can I tell them what's in store for me?" is fairly straight-forward: if you know you're going to die, what do you tell loved ones? "I hear a new world calling me" refers, I guess, to the feeling of death growing ever closer, and possibly the afterlife theory.

It's difficult to summarize the message of this song, though. Thoughts?

To me, this song seems to be about Jesus. Call me religious, since I am, but still, you can't deny the fact that this song at least sounds like it has to do with Jesus. "How can I tell them what's in store for me?" How can I tell my followers that I'm going to die? "I hear a new world" Heaven.

To me this of a protagonist(probably female, just based off of the voice) in some sort of science fiction or fantasy story, basically stories with some sort of other world (Alien planets, underworlds, alternate realities, etc.) The narrator knows about this secret other world and she knows that some sort of epic conflict is going to take her and everyone she knows there, and she's asking herself how she can tell anyone about it without them thinking she's crazy, how to make them believe what's in store for her, and all the while the new world is calling to her, and she knows that eventually she'll be plunged into it.