Guitar Tab Talk:I've Got A Match

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Hello! This song is alright to play on the Ukulele as written, but using a capo at position 2 yields a much more commonly known set of chords that might also be of interest to guitar players - the verses become:

D                 A  D               B7
Get out of the car - put down the phone
Em              C              Em       A
take off that stupid looking hat you wear 

The chorus becomes:

G                A
Love people are there
     D   /   A      G
the smell of love is everywhere
A                     G
you think it's always sensitive and good
Em                       G
you think that I want to be understood
 Em    /    Bm              G   /   A      D  -
I've got a match - your embrace and my collapse 

-- 10:20, 17 January 2010 (UTC)