Guitar Tab:XTC Vs. Adam Ant

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XTC Vs. Adam Ant
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: E Minor
Year: 1996
Tabbed By: Mike Yank
 Em C Am B7
 Em C B7
 Em C Am
 Em B7
 Em  C        Am    B7
 X T C versus Adam Ant
 Em      C      B7
 Content versus form
 Em                 C        Am
 Fighting for their place in rock and roll
 Em             B7
 There is no right or wrong
 G                        B7
 Just when you think it's finished
 G      B7
 With XTC on top
 G                 B7
 Ant music, like a phoenix
 C                 D
 Flies back up the charts
 XTC versus Adam Ant
 Only one will survive
 Beatle-based pop versus new romantic
 History will decide
 XTC versus Adam Ant
 I can't tell you why
 Even the singer from Bow Wow Wow
 Can't make up her mind
 XTC versus Adam Ant
 Time is marching on
 XTC versus Adam Ant
 There is no right or wrong
       C     D        E
 There is no right or wrong
 There is
 No right
 Or wrong