Guitar Tab:We Live In A Dump (Podcast Version)

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We Live In A Dump (Podcast Version)
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: C Major
Year: 2006
This is the Demo version of the song... recent live versions seem the same, but in the key of "D".

C   Em   F   Ab/G  
C        Em
 Hanging out
          F             Ab/G
While the monkeys type away
F        C                G 
 Waiting in this room all day

C   G  F   G 
Why be realistic?
C     G      F       G
Don't wake me from my dreams
C  G      F    G
I was individualistic
C    G         F          G
They kicked me off of the team

We live in a dump
             G(bass D)
Admit it's a dump
                    C (bass E)
Our friends are all nuts
                F (bass F, for those playing along) 
And half of em drunks

And if they're not nuts
C             Am
then they're retired nuts
    F               G  
and that may be the hardest nut