Guitar Tab:Robot Parade

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Robot Parade
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: E Major
Year: 2002
Tabbed By: james27 (

Verse 1: 
E           A 
In a future time 
E             A 
Children will work together 
E            A    B 
To build a giant cyborg! 

E        A 
Robot Parade 
E        A 
Robot Parade 
E          A            B 
Wave the flags that the robots made 
Robot Parade 
Robot Parade 
Robots obey what the children say 

Verse 2: 
There's electric cars 
There's electric trains 
There goes a robot with electric brains! 


[Remember that if you want to do the live version or the one on the ABC's, you have to transpose to G major. -Mkpiano]