Guitar Tab:King Weed

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King Weed
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: C Minor
Year: 1999
Tabbed By: No Mo

Intro: Eb  D  Eb  D

Cm                          D
Professor Jiblonski has interesting thoughts
        Cm                  D
Mr. Krelwich has lots to report
  Cm                      D                  Bb                       A
Another extinction's a worrisome thing, with all these species we'll lose
 Cm                               D
Professor Jiblonski says some creatures are weeds
           Cm                  D
They grab hold of life like a weed
             Cm                       D
When his examples were weeds, then I had to agree
     Bb              A
But if you talk metaphorically
        Ab                  G
There's no bigger weed than me

 A    Bb
King Weed
 A    Bb
King Weed
         C               G        D    G
That's what they would call us human beings
 A    Bb
King Weed
 A    Bb
King Weed
         C          G       D    G
But no one'll be around to disagree 
 A   Bb
with me
 A   Dm
King Weed
 G                      G#
Roaches survived five extinctions before
    C                        B
I guess they are good, but I don't know what for
 G              G#
Dandelions can adapt and renew
   C                       D
Seems like they grow best right under my shoe
      G                        Em
What about the adaptable and rugged housefly?
       C                       B
Their life is so lousy they're too tired to die
  G                       G#
Mice can survive another ice age intact
    C                            D
A mouse can't survive a single night with my cat
      G                             G#
Now house cats, they're also right here on the list
      C                      B
Good luck to a cat with no Kibbles `n' Bits
 G                             Em
Sparrows will survive, in the sky they ascend
        C                         D
If you like eating worms, then I guess you'll have friends
 G                           G#
Worms, oh yes worms, he said they'll be around
             C                           B
And they're living like kings in their holes in the ground
Piano bass riff:


There you have it, Mr. Koppel, that is our report
As subjective as it might seem
Professor Jiblonski's a very kind man
But don't underestimate the
King Weed
King Weed
That's what they would call us human beings
King Weed
King Weed
But no one'll be around to disagree
with me
King Weed