Guitar Tab:I Made A Mess

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I Made A Mess
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: A minor
Year: 2015
This song is based on a repeating 9 bar figure:
Am Dm Bdim E C F Dm G E 

Am     Dm     Bdim
I just made a mess
  E          C
I don't know how
  F       Dm
I did but now
    G           E
The whole place is
A wreck

  Dm     Bdim
I made a mess
    E     C
And now I guess
     F       Dm
That somehow I
     G      E
Have got to clean
It up

Am       Dm    Bdim   E
It's a catastrophe     From ceiling to
C                        F     Dm      G
floor / From wall to the other wall     And nothing was
E                      Am          Dm         Bdim
spared / What wasn't destroyed was spilled     And what wasn't
E                       C         F     Dm
spilled / Was melted or scribbled on     From ceiling to
G                        E     Am
Floor / From wall to the other wall

I made a mess (Ohhh)
I don't know how (Ohhh)
But now I have (Ohhh)
A big mess on my hands (Ohhh)
I'll need a ton (I'll need a ton)
Of mops and glue (Of mops and glue)
And soap and towels (And soap and towels)
And paint and (And paint and)
Power tools (Power tools)

Trying to clean it up
Is making it worse
Whatever I try to fix
Gets even more wrecked
No matter how much I wash
It looks even messier than
It did before
I'm making it worse
By trying to clean it up

I made a mess (I made a mess)
And now I guess (And now I guess)
That somehow I (That somehow I)
Have got to clean (Have got to clean)
It up (It up)

Am        Dm      Bdim
 Ba ba ba baa baa baa
 Ba ba ba ba
C              F       Dm
Ba ba ba ba ba baa baa baa
 Ba ba ba ba
Ba ba ba ba ba