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Last front page, around the release of Here Come The ABCs. was They Might Be Giants' website aimed at children. It featured previews for all of Their pre-Here Come The 123s kids' material: No!, Bed, Bed, Bed and Here Come The ABCs. In early 2010, the registration on the domain lapsed, and for a time the site was down. The band reestablished it for a while, but in 2016, the site seems to have been abandoned.

Bed Bed Bed era[edit]

Bed Bed Bed era page

When the book Bed, Bed, Bed was released, the site featured a design by Marcel Dzama. It included a video for "Idlewild" and a print-out coloring book. After the ABCs-themed redesign, the site remained accessible via the main page.

No! era page

No! era[edit]

To promote their first children's album, No!, TMBG put together their first revision of The site featured designs by The Chopping Block and four of the animations that were included on the enhanced CD. This site remained available through the next two revisions of the site from the Bed Bed Bed page.

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