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This article is about the website, DialASong.com. For the phone service, see Dial-A-Song.

DialASong.com is the website They Might Be Giants uses to promote Dial-A-Song and to distribute the other free material they have released over the Internet.

Originally, from 1998 to 2000, DialASong.com hosted Free Tunes via a QuickTime player. In the early 2000s, it evolved into a Flash site that acted as an online version of Dial-A-Song, providing new songs and rarities. After Dial-A-Song was retired, the site was used to promote its stand-in, the They Might Be Giants Podcast. In 2014, the band announced that it would become the home of their Dial-A-Song project for 2015.

Current site (October 2014 - present)[edit | edit source]

In October 2014, the band posted a teaser video to DialASong.com revealing the return of the Dial-A-Song website for January 2015. The description of the video reads, "For 2015 They Might Be Giants will be posting a new song online every week at dialasong.com. Yep. Exactly." When asked if the content on the new Dial-A-Song site would be demos, new material, or old rarities, John Flansburgh replied that "it will be all those things".

The redesigned site was launched on December 8, 2014 with "Got Getting Up So Down (Extended)" as a "test" track. For the rest of December, the site has played "I Wasn't Listening", a new song about the return of Dial-A-Song. The site also heralded the return of Clock Radio in 2015.

Upon loading, the site plays a brief clip from Glean's title track over an introductory video, then cuts to a looping animation of a telephone with the name of the current track superimposed over it. From this point, visitors can click "listen" to hear the current track or navigate to previous tracks using the arrows on either side of the page. The "Dial-A-Song" bell in the top-right corner is a navigation button.

Previous versions[edit | edit source]

QuickTime stream (December 1998 to March 2000)[edit | edit source]

Initially, DialASong.com hosted a QuickTime stream that offered a new track once or twice a month. A full list is available on the Free Tunes page. The stream included both new studio tracks and a few demos during its existence.

Flash site (March 2000 to August 2006)[edit | edit source]

The DialASong.com Flash site

From March 2000 to August 2006, DialASong.com was an online version of the Dial-A-Song service that let fans listen to unreleased or rare songs, demos, and other They Might Be Giants songs. The Chopping Block design for the site seemed to be modeled after a sinister carnival. A random song was played when a visitor clicked on an animated target, at which point an cartoon mustachioed man would crank his music box to reveal a telephone playing a song.

Tracks featured[edit | edit source]

Titles are given as they appeared on the website.

  1. A Chopping Block Testimonial
  2. A Shooting Star is Not a Star
  3. Alienation's For the Rich (Demo)
  4. All Alone
  5. Another First Kiss
  6. Ant
  7. Bangs
  8. Become a Robot
  9. Best of Spin the Country Dial
  10. Best of Spin the Dial
  11. Blind (Demchuk)
  12. Bottom of the Sea
  13. Budnitz 1
  14. Cabbagetown (Demo)
  15. Chaos By Design (Colorwheel)
  16. Clowntown
  17. Concrete and Clay
  18. Cut The Strings (Demchuk)
  19. Cyclops Rock
  20. Dan Hickey's Actual Drums
  21. Dollar For Dollar
  22. Drink!
  23. Drinkin (Live Radio)
  24. Even My T-Shirt
  25. Finished With Lies
  26. Getting All McGyver on it
  27. Happy
  28. Headless (Naykid Eyez)
  29. Hi Honey, I'm Home
  30. I Am the Biggest One
  31. I'm Your Boyfriend Now (Demo)
  32. Indian Ocean
  33. Indiana Wants Me
  34. Its Getting Late
  35. It's Not My Birthday
  36. It's So Loud In Here
  37. I've Got a Fang
  38. Kid's Are Different Now! (Spool 409)
  39. Kings Of The Cave
  40. Lincoln, Washington and that Jefferson Guy
  41. Lines Upon A Tranquil Brow
  42. Maybe I Know (A Wax Cylinder Special)
  43. Medley: 1999 - Cowtown (Live)
  44. Medley: Where Your Eyes Don't Go - Why Does the Sun Shine?
  45. Mink Car (Demo)
  46. Mister Me (Demo)
  47. Monsters of Mud
  48. Museum of Idiots
  49. Mystery Track
  50. Oh Do Not Forsake Me (Demo)
  51. Oranges and Graphic Design
  52. Outboard Part of Man
  53. Particle Man (Demo)
  54. Ram On (Paul McCartney)
  55. Rhythm Section Want Ad (Demo)
  56. Robert Lowell
  57. Rocket Ship (early version of Spiraling Shape)
  58. Sally Boy
  59. Save Your Life (Bog Standard)
  60. Seven Eleven
  61. Somebody's Body
  62. Something You'd Like To See (Little Lisa Whitman)
  63. Spy
  64. The Armys Tired Now
  65. The Big Big Whoredom
  66. The Bloodboat
  67. Theme From Unlimited
  68. They Might Be Giants (Demo)
  69. They Might Be Giants (Rough Cut)
  70. Tigerella
  71. Tiny Doctors
  72. To the Bubblecraft (With Elegant Too)
  73. Too Cool Girls (With the Velcro Horns)
  74. Truth In Words
  75. Two Plus Three Equals One
  76. We're All Alone
  77. WMOB Radio
  78. Words Are Like (The Crummer Family)
  79. Your Mom's Allright (with Doughty)

They Might Be Giants Podcast site (August 2006 to October 2014)[edit | edit source]

The website opened up displaying a large crowd of people holding up their cell phones to make a glowing galaxy of LCD screen lights. It then redirected to the main page after five seconds. The main page had links to three secondary pages, all revolving around the They Might Be Giants Podcast. (All references to the actual Dial-A-Song service are gone.) The first of three pages had information regarding subscription to the podcast, the second also told how to subscribe and also contains Their "second legal notice ever," saying that the songs and podcasts by They Might Be Giants are solely Their property and that fans should not exploit TMBG's generosity. The third page contained an archive of all of the podcasts to download, with the links hidden off far to the right side of the page in front of somebody reading a copy of The Skeleton in the Closet, an essay from Clarence S. Darrow's Little Blue Book Series (circa 1920s).

On every page, there were a few seemingly random pictures used as backgrounds, including photographs of an old newspaper, a series of radio knobs, a drum set, and a coastal town. When a mouse moved over certain pictures, their colors became inverted, and if clicked (which eludes some people, as it is not the most user-friendly interface), a window with the DialASong.com media player popped up.

Originally, clicking 'TMBG' in the player produced a download link, but the links were not functional and were quickly removed.

Tracks featured[edit | edit source]

  1. Cast Your Pod To The Wind
  2. Homunculus
  3. Podcast Remix
  4. Yeah, The Deranged Millionaire
  5. Turtle Songs Of North America
  6. E Eats Everything (Elegant Too Remix)
  7. La Dolce Malcolm

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The title at the very top of each page, the band's name is rendered "They MIght Be GIants".
  • When one clicked the photo of a bird that leds to "Homunculus", the bird was given a mustache in addition to inverted colors.

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