Coca-Cola Pop Sampler

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Coca-Cola Pop Sampler
Compilation by Various Artists
First released September(?) 1992 Tracks 8
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This album was a cassette produced by Coca-Cola, featuring various artists, including They Might Be Giants. The album could be ordered from specially marked packages of Coke for $1.25.[1]

Track listing[edit]

# Title Artist Length
1 Back In The Wind Corey Hart ?
2 Hallowed Ground Jude Cole 5:16
3 I Found Love Kym Sims 5:13
4 I Palindrome I They Might Be Giants 2:22
5 Freedom Schascle 4:41
6 Love Plus Love Lisa Vale 6:59
7 One Way The Levellers 3:55
8 It Can’t Be Forever Ephraim Lewis 4:53