Chronology Talk:The Drinky Crow Show Theme

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Should we even connect these two? They were both proposed themes for the show, but they're really not the same song. Thoughts? --Duke33 10:12, 18 May 2011 (EDT)

With the release of the second alternate demo, it seems to me that there's content crossover between the various theme demos, so connecting them like this is probably a good idea. We could list which parts are the same or similar and which parts are exclusive to each demo, though I guess that could take up a lot of space.
Also, should we rename the alternate demo songs? Calling them "Demo 1," "Demo 1," etc., makes it seem like they're different recordings of the same song. Could we call them something different? Are there any similar cases with a set naming formula? Possibilities I can think of are "The Drinky Crow Show Alternate Theme 1 (Demo)," "The Drinky Crow Show Theme Proposal 1 (Demo)," "The Drinky Crow Show Proposed Theme 1 (Demo)," or "The Drinky Crow Show Theme (Alternate Demo 1)," though that last one might not make it very clear that they're different songs. What do you think?
Finally, I'm going to add to each of the demo pages that each is one of the "five or six different theme songs" TMBG sent Tony, to clarify that they're different songs. Drew 11:34, 11 June 2011 (EDT)