Always Be Giants

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song name Always Be Giants
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Podcast 51
year 1997
run time 1:07
sung by John Flansburgh


  • This is a demo for the Coke Radio Ad created for Coca-Cola by John Flansburgh. One of the melodies present in the ad also appears as a theme in the Mono Puff song, "Poison Flowers" ("Who's going to wear my sandals stained with Coca-Cola" / "Who's going to wear my sandals stained with cherry soda") The "thirsty cyborg with..." line appeared in live versions of "Born In A Graveyard", which later became "Dan Vs. Cog".
  • John Linnell had nothing to do with the creation of this advertisement.[1]

Song Themes

Doors, Colors, Recycled Material, Robots, Trade Names


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